Big.Balls. is an effective tool for golfers at all levels, building confidence for short putts, a crucial part for everyone’s game.

Clayton (Golf Instructor)

At first I was skeptical of the idea, but after 20 putts with Big.Balls. pre-round, the hole felt huge when I stepped up onto the first green. 

Mitch (Golf Operations)

I have always struggled with short putts, hoping my buddies would give me a “gimme putt”. After practicing with Big.Balls. my confidence in the 2-5 foot range continues to get better. Excited to continue building that confidence and start breaking 90 consistently.

Alex (Average Golfer)

Beginner to the sport of golf and putting is by far the worse part of my game. It is nice to see a simple training tool that is easy to use with Big.Balls. Like have you seen the training tools that are out there? Some are too complicated and I would never use them.

Nancy (Beginner)



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